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HepCare UK, a RealQ® application

HepCare is a RealQ product especially tailored for the UK market.

The development within the hepatitis C area has been enormously fast during the last years, patients who were dying in the disease are now free of the virus. The downside is of course the cost of the new drugs and it is becoming increasingly more important for healthcare and the responsible authorities all over Europe to get a more detailed picture of the treatment and the outcomes. This is the background to why NHS trusts and hospitals are interested in our applications.

HepCare is a RealQ product especially tailored for the UK market, our customers use it to:

  • Follow the treatment in real time
  • Monitor and control the costs, HepCare is being used to report the use of specific treatments and the outcomes to the payers within NHS
  • Get a better overview of individual patients and their disease history in order to prioritize who should get the treatment
  • Extract qualitative data for further analysis and research
  • Discuss patient cases in a secure way with experts and colleagues


Teresa Reinli