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About us

Modern healthcare is
generating a huge amount of data.

It is challenging to optimize the use of collected clinical data. For healthcare professionals it is easier to produce data than capture the relevant data and utilize it to help their customers; the patients. This is where we come in. You might say that our mission is to help healthcare professionals utilize data that they already have at their disposal: Healthcare and Patient generated data.

If you have found your way here, chances are that you are a healthcare professional, working in the Life Science sector or that you, as we do, deliver services to the healthcare and Life Science industry. You are probably interested in providing better service for your customers. Our best services have been crafted in close cooperation with our customers. So, if you have any needs, please contact us and together we will find a solution. 

Health Solutions, as a part of BCB Medical, is the Nordic market leader in gathering and analyzing clinical data. BCB Medical and Health Solutions joined forces in May 2021 and today we can offer even more services and new opportunities for our customers and partners to utilize the collected data. Together, we can build a bridge between Healthcare and Life Science, to realize the value that is today hidden in health data.

Our mission

Improve patient outcome by helping healthcare organisations to use what they already have at their disposal: Healthcare and patient generated data.

Our vision

All decisions made in healthcare should based on the right data at the right time.

The buzz words that surround our industry right now are probably words that you are interested in as well; decision support systems, quality registers, real life data, non interventional observations studies, real world evidence, PROM, PREM, patient centred health care, patient security et cetera et cetera. At the core there is data. And where there is data chances are that we can help you.