Data protection declaration

For Health Solutions, data protection and data privacy is key to our operation and our top priority. Since year 2000, we are dedicated to handling personal health data with the highest level of security in our services. Protecting personal data and respecting the privacy laws and regulations is of crucial importance to what we do.

The new European data protection regulations, GDPR – in effect since May 25, 2018 – includes several changes to existing protection and privacy laws, including extended notification duty and increased responsibility for Health Solutions as a Data Processor, as well as enhanced individual rights to access personal data, e.g. the individual’s “right to be removed”. Health Solutions have worked since early 2017 to create the necessary changes to our systems, processes and policies needed to comply with the GDPR requirements.

Health Solutions will refer any requests regarding personal data in health care services to the responsible care givers. If you have questions or requests regarding personal health data, please contact your doctor/care giver.

For more information, please contact Health Solutions’ Data Protection Officer Johan Thor at