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iCRF – the next generation eCRF

With this tool we have combined our expertise in software development with our knowledge of clinical research to deliver on our mission – better health through data. Traditional CRFs as well as eCRFs typically involve duplicate data entry, which always involves a cost – both in terms of time and quality assurance.

Our iCRF is designed to collect data automatically from electronically available sources. This way, the research process can be significantly simplified:

Time-efficient – no need to enter the same data several times

Resource-efficient – no need for quality assurance of entered data vs source data

Adjustable – allows for data collection from multiple sources

The iCRF can be used as an integrated part of our decision support system RealQ or customized to suit clinical studies in other settings. In addition, we offer an easy to use electronic adverse event section tailormade to your needs or your requested template. The tool can be used if you want to conduct a clinical study, an observational study, a registry study, or a hybrid of these.

The iCRF meets technical and legal requirements as well as guidelines for clinical trials and electronic data collection.

We also provide expert support in terms of guidance and practical help in planning and conducting your study. Services may include full support from start to completion of your study, or support for specific parts such as help to formulate a research plan, writing a study protocol or sending in an application to the ethical review authority.

Let us know if you are interested in a meeting to discuss how we can tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.